Be Our Guest

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Journeying Soul!

The purpose of the Journeying Soul is to help others live their most peaceful and self-empowered lives by discussing and probing at the limits of what we know as reality and how we construct it.  If you can help us fulfill this purpose, we are happy to promote you and help get your work or message out to the world.

What we seek in our guests:

  • Researchers, scientists, and published authors/speakers in the fields of physics who can speak on quantum theory, the holographic principle, and the simulation hypothesis and how these relate to human experience
  • Neurologists and other neuro-related scientists who can speak in the areas of consciousness in general, near-death consciousness, the behavior consciousness in dying, and/or how the brain constructs reality in general
  • Hospice (or related) nurses and doctors who can speak on the observed patterns of the dying and what we can know from those patterns
  • Grief or bereavement counselors and what we can know from grief
  • Those who have had after-death or similar communications with deceased loved ones
  • Psychic mediums
  • Those who have had near-death, out-of-body, pre-birth, past- or other-life experiences or similar spiritually transformative experience​

If you feel your story, experience, or message would be a good fit for our show, please fill out the contact form below.   

Please note:

All interviews are conducted over the internet.   Guests must have access to a good internet connection with proper sound quality and a camera with resolution of at least 720.


Guests that have no prior public appearances and/or have not told their story publicly before will be asked to make a short video describing your experience(s) and what message you would like to get out on the show and post it privately.   Please put the link to this video in the “First Time Guest” field below.  It takes courage to make this first step and we applaud you!

Tell us about yourself and check all that apply below.

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